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A Yoga Place for Adrenaline Junkies


A Yoga Place for Adrenaline Junkies


A surf/yoga hostel in the surfing capital of the caribbean Rincon, Puerto Rico.  come for 2 nights or more.  our 3 bed shared bamboo casitas are only $20pp per night.  Join us for daily 7:30am surf lessons for beginners or get some coaching to take your surfing to the next level                                                                          Yoga 4 Surfers, Skaters, & all other shiny happy people happens Mondays, wednesdays & fridays at 10am And Aerial Yoga Sundays at 1oam

Samatahiti specializes in making memories for adventurous souls!

Our little jungle paradise is open year round with scheduled retreats, or book a 2 night or longer stay and pick which daily activities you want to join!








renee fussner

founder & instructor

CYT, ERYT Master Yoga Teacher and the creator of H2Om, a full yoga flow on stand up paddle boards.  Renee teaches yoga, meditation and H2Om at yoga festivals and conferences across the US.  She also brings workshops and H2Om to studios throughout the states and certifies H2Om Girls, (teachers of H2Om) as well as leads yoga teacher trainings.   Renee has developed a powerful core-based flow infused with her sense of humor and her appetite for all things fun.  She has also created Yoga 4 Surfers, that she has taught to Puerto Rican National Surf Team Members.  After extensive travel Renee decided it was time to live the dream so she moved to Rincon, PR and opened Samatahiti  where she began surfing more seriously.  Which lead to competing for Puerto Rico at the ISA World Surfing Games and was ranked 13th in the world for women master surfers for 2 consecutive years!

Ben Montes

head surf instructor and Coach

Ben is a certified life guard, big wave chaser, short boarder, long boarder, snow and skateboarder.  Maybe you already guessed, but put a board under him and he is HAPPY!  Ben is a current competitor, and really really one of the best coaches I have been lucky enough to meet, and we get to work with him!  No matter what your level is and where you want to go, he will take you there!  

christie surfs.jpg

Christie Sessler

surf instructor

Surf Instructor and Coach  There is so much to say about Christie.  She's a great coach, with a calming energy in the water.  Christie is a certified waterman survivor, so don't let that energy fool you.  She's ready to shred, coach, run, and laugh.  And after a few sessions with her, so will you be!

Rochelle Toussaint


Rochelle was born and raised in western Montana. She decided to switch out snow for sand and moved down to Puerto Rico in 2012. She loves music and the way it can make people wiggle differently. Involved in dance at a young age, she finally stumbled upon hula hooping and enjoyed the happiness it brought her. She wants to help others find a to wiggle to their own music through the shaking of a hula hoop.

Circus themed thanksgiving weekend

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and the rest of the weekend with new friends Friday 11/23/18-11/25/18

Circus themed thanksgiving weekend

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and the rest of the weekend with new friends Friday 11/23/18-11/25/18


aka The Circus Before the Circus

A Fun Filled Weekend of Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Hula Hooping and Slacklining!  This Thanksgiving you will have a whole lot to be thankful for because this weekend retreat includes 2 nights shared accommodations, and 3 packed days of all the above classes for only $340pp !  This retreat is a little special for us.  It's our 1st paid retreat since Maria has wiped us out.  But we're back now and better than ever and want to celebrate with our island family.  We are offering this retreat to year round residents of Puerto Rico, and it is led by year round residents as well.  It's been a crazy year, we didn't really have a Christmas last year, so we are making sure your holiday season is full of childhood fun, good cheer, and with lots of great people

 Laura Acro doing what she does best, sending out good energy and doing it in style

Laura Acro doing what she does best, sending out good energy and doing it in style

Acro Yoga

.AcroYoga 101 - Fundamentals

Come and discover what fun is about! All levels, all ages, all people are welcome to join the AcroYoga community. This workshop provides safe tools to explore trust, connection and play. The workshop includes: warm-up, basic acrobatic flying, therapeutic flights and a little bit of “Leg Love” aka Thai massage.
AcroYoga Invertions and Acrobatics
In this class we will train the fundamental elements of acrobatic practice, which includes refining the invertions, strength elements and spotting techniques. The progressions take us to the basic partner acrobatics, cultivating strength and flexibility while working as a team. A safe and playful environment that empowers the whole group to be upside down and find their full potential! (Tripod Headstands and Handstands included!).
Lunar AcroYoga- Listen and feel! 
Through partner Yoga stretches we start to connect, in order to trust our partners and surrender into the the anti-gravitational flights. Some of the benefits of therapeutic flying are spine elongation, decompression and release. It creates  more space in our bodies. We end up with a short session of Thai Massage. You will give and receive. This session does not need any experience, it is for those who want to explore the sweetness of the kind and loving touch. Come and feel good!

Laura Velázques, LMT (aka Laura Acro) 

Thai Massage master trainer and therapist. Acro Yoga Mentor & Pioneer in Puerto Rico and Caribbean. She’s been traveling the world since 2006 and has collaborated and organized diverse yoga retreats in Puerto Rico and Internationally. She co founded Centra de Salud Integrada de Puerto Rico and Henna Tropical. As a Landscape Architect she has developed a strong connection and sensibility for the elements of the Earth, spreading awareness in how to take care of ourselves and the environment. 



aerial yoga

Aerial FUNdamentals


Your first workshop will touch on all things aerial, fitness, yoga, and even dance.  Here you will learn to comfortably fall backwards and forward.  As well as taking your yoga poses to new lengths, aerial offers deeper stretching than mat yoga, and you will need it because we are also going to test your strength with some aerial fitness!  Then we will put a couple of moves together for a little aerial dance!  And all of this ends with the best savasana

Fall Forward, Flip Backwards and Fly

Now that you have conquered your fear of falling backwards, and trust that you will land in the silks its time to add a little bit of a cirque feel to your practice.  We will warm up with some aerial yoga, build a little heat with aerial fitness and let go of our fears and doubts as we begin to flow through poses without coming out of the silks!

Aerial Silky Smooth

The fun isn't done yet .  We will play with another aerial dance flow and then we'll take it slow.  We don't want you going away and not being able to lift all those presents so we will take the 2nd half of class to really take advantage of the deep muscle stretch that the silks provide for us.  




Hula Hooping 

Hula Know How

Get ready to move those hips and flick those wrist because you are going to take your hoop all around you!  You will be having so much fun you won't realize that you are getting fit at the same time!

Hula'tta Fun and Fit

Your second class will incorporate some more movement with your hoop, watch out for flying hoops and fits of laughter as you try to get the hoop to pass down your legs and around your arms


Lets take that hoop for a walk, try not to smile while you do this, impossible