200 Hour Intensive March 29 -April 14, 2019

June 28-July 14, 2019 October 4 - october 20, 2019

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200 Hours of Yoga, Sutras, Anatomy, self study and More Yoga...

Samatahiti,  A Yoga Place for Adrenaline Junkies offers a 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training program. We created a program that we are proud of. One where you will leave training prepared to confidentiality  lead a 60 minute power yoga class!   Every day you will practice, as well as learn the anatomy of the asanas, which muscles are activating, which are synergizing.   What is benefiting from the posture and what is at risk.   You will also practice teaching almost every day.   We dedicate time each day to learning how to apply the yoga sutras to our everyday lives.   We are less concerned with you memorizing the sanskrit names, rather we want you to understand and apply the philosophy of the sutras in a way that will benefit your life. We want you to find your voice as a teacher and to share the best of yourself with your students!   This training is intense,  it is a commitment. It requires you to travel, to be available for nothing other than training, to put in long days, mostly 12 hour days. We recognize all that is required of you and therefore commit to being there to answer your questions and to guarantee one on one attention to all of our trainees. One way we guarantee that is by  capping our training to 8 students. We also believe in what yoga can do for your whole body and want to spread that all over!  That is why we encourage every applicant to apply for our $500 partial scholarship!   To be eligible for the partial scholarship you just need to commit to one free class a week for a year.   This class needs to be offered outside of a studio and not used to promote your other classes. It needs to be offered to a community that would otherwise not be exposed to yoga and to a community that you can connect to. Some examples are, a class to caregivers of Parkinson patients, for middle and high school students who felt bullied or left out, to AA members , to women in battered homes. There are so many other communities available. You just need to find the one that you connect to and share your practice with them.