Our guest have the option of joining us for our daily core based power yoga classes or 1 of our weekly sup, aerial, moonlit Yin Yoga Classes, or yoga hikes

Renee has studied with many master teachers and continues to train with them.  Combining what she has learned in her many trainings with alignment knowledge learned in nursing school, Renee has created a style of yoga that will stack your bone and engage every muscle.  She has created and taught flows at Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust and many other yoga festivals throughout the world.  Other amazing teachers; Kelly and Casandra will lead you in a class which will have you moving from your core at all times.  Together these principles keep you injury free and are essential to all other activities you do off of your mat.  The final component is breath, by connecting your breath to your movement you will find more energy, and be better aware of what is happening in your body. 

Yoga 4 Surfers, Skaters & All Shiny Happy People  This 60 minute core based power yoga class was created to help you move your board by moving from your core  It also opens up the hips and stretches out the back.  It's a great class to keep you flexible and strong which will keep you injury free Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:00am 1 hour $10pp

H2Om Yoga on the Paddleboards Take your flow off of the mat and onto your board!  What changes when you do that...everything!  But wow, how great does it feel to have the sun on your skin and the beautiful sea underneath your while you do what you love.  Bring dry clothes to change into, oh yeah, you're going to fall in, but that's ok Saturdays 8am 2 hours $55pp

Aerial Yoga A beautiful practice that will have you feeling like a kid again.  Flipping in the silks is invigorating and at times intimidating, but one thing is for sure, you are going to leave this class with a big goofy smile on your face! 10:30am Sunday mornings 10am 1.5 hours $20pp

Moonlit Yin Yoga Do you need to know anything else.  Release a years worth of tension in just one class.  We slow things down, holding each posture from 1.5 minutes all the way to 4 minutes, giving our bodies time to release all the way down to the connective tissue.  This evening class will have you relaxed and full of bliss, above you are 1,000,000 stars, and they are all dancing to the song of the coquis.  8pm on the full moon 1.15 hours $12pp

Sunset Yoga Hikes We'll begin with 15 minutes of yoga on the treetop deck before heading down the hill and practicing by a shaded horse corral.  Then we'll take our hike along beaches, climbing over small boulders and splashing waves, to come to a remote beach where we will stop and practice again.  Then we'll go along the trail to see waves breaking over the reef and come to another remote beach where we will finish our practice.  Fridays 4:30pm 1.5 hours $20pp